Oxybaby M+

Oxybaby M+ kan leveres som restoksygenmåler eller kombinert O2/CO2-måler. For analyse av pakking i modifisert atmosfære (MAP). Sikrer at kvaliteten for pakkede produkter er ivaretatt (HACCP), noe som er viktig for kontinuerlig kundetilfredshet.

Finnes også i utgave med mulighet for ekstra tilvalg, samt får måling av mindre volum. Se Wittgas Oxybaby 6.0.


  • Trådløs
  • Ladbare batterier
  • Resultat på 6 sekunder
  • Trenger lite målevolum (<10 ml)
  • Lett å betjene
  • Stort display
  • Nålbeskytter
  • Lett å rengjøre


  • Bordstativ
  • Can piercer for å trenge gjennom for eksempel flaskekorker og lokk av metall
  • Aquacheck for målevolum under 2 ml, for eksempel kaffekapsler
  • Slange for vanskelig tilkomst eller lang rekkevidde


Se også Wittgas Oxybaby 6.0 for en mer avansert utgave.

Produsents beskrivelse:

OXYBABY M+ O2/CO2 – mobile gas analyzer for quality control of modified atmosphere packaging (MAP)
The gas analyzer OXYBABY M+ is a cost effective mobile alternative to tabletop / fixed analysers. Ensure that the quality of you packaged product is maintained (HACCP), guaranteeing continued customer satisfaction.

The ideal instrument for sample tests with a minimum sample gas requirement, allowing the smallest of modified atmosphere packages (MAP) to be tested. It has an integrated data log of the last 100 measurements assigned to specific product names or line numbers.

The OXYBABY M+ is our basic version. It is a cost effective entry-level model and offers all functionalty that you need for fast and reliable testing of your modified atmosphere packages.


  • minimum sample gas requirement for smallest packs
  • fast testing
  • cordless operation using rechargeable batteries
  • simple one hand operation
  • O2 value is displayed in 0.01% steps
  • long lifetime of O2 sensor (approx. 2 years, depending on use)
  • data log for 100 measurements
  • easy to clean
  • all information at a glance with the large illuminated graphic display
  • multilingual menu guide: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian,
  • Turkish and Russian
  • integrated needle cover to protect the user

Included in delivery

  • charging device and power supply
  • carrying case
  • CD-ROM with operating instructions
  • 2 spare needles
  • 2 spare filters
  • set of 100 rubber seals
  • case dimensions (HxWxD): approx. 325x385x115 mm (12.79×15.16×4.53 inch)
  • case weight: approx. 1.7 kg